Friday, March 14, 2014

Stakeholder analysis ..

Stakeholder analysis is important in project as it helps in different ways to project manager

1. Identifying stakeholder through out the project life cycle will give input to PM as If he find
missing stakeholder early in stage that will be beneficial for project else at last moment getting
that stakeholders requirement may increase scope of project and it will effect to delivery date and
cost also.

2. All stakeholder holder should be manage as per their power/interest as Power/Interest Grid give
input to PM how to deal with different stakeholder throughout the project life cycle so PM can take
Preventive action to make neutral and resistor stakeholders into supportive role.

3. With preventive action on Potential negative impacts of stakeholders will help to manage project

4. With influence of stakeholder PM can negotiate on Resource.

5. Managing Key stakeholder better way will help PM in Good as well as in Bad times in project life cycle.

6. With the Positive Support of stakeholder project can successfully completed.

Kshitij Yelkar
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