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Histograms Vs. Control Chart

Histograms Vs. Control Chart

Histograms are a special form of bar chart and are used to describe the central tendency, dispersion, and shape of a statistical distribution. Unlike the control chart, the histogram does not consider the influence of time on the variation that exists within a distribution.

Why histogram does not consider the influence of time, Check attachment herewith

In below given there are two graphs histogram and Control Chart, here product quality output range is getting measured.
So in histogram we just put bar as per the input eg. 55,60,75,63 (Check in diagram) etc. , In this case we just draw bars to get vertical chart information and variance against each other.

But if we want to see that in particular time what is the quality output variance in product output then is possible with Control chart as you can see in control chart there is middle line that is mean. Here same point are plotted in graph and linked with the link, with this graph we can analyses our product quality variation against mean in given period of time

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