Friday, February 21, 2014

Software QA and QC Process

Software QA and QC Process

1. QA is associated with Assurance & Audit | QC is associated with Control and Inception
2. QA is preventive | QC is Corrective

In Software QA Activities can be :
1. Making and following coding guidelines
2. Making and following design guidelines
3. Doing Unit Testing

In Software QC Activities can be :
1. Doing Testing / Inspection
2. Doing Regression Testing.

Perform Quality Assurance is primarily concerned with overall PROCESS IMPROVEMENT. It is not about
inspecting the product for quality or measuring defects. Instead, Performance Quality Assurance is
focused on steadily improving the activities and processes undertaken to achieve quality.

Perform Quality Control is the process where each deliverable is INSPECTED, MEASURED, and TESTED.
This process makes sure that everything produced meets quality

Kshitij yelkar
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