Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Project Management Mistake - Team Behind the Project.

Project Management Mistake

Failing to Get Everyone on the Team Behind the Project.

Too often, projects are doomed to fail because they didn't get enough support from the departments and people affected by and involved in the project. Either managers: "

1) Didn't make clear what everyone's role was.

2) Didn't describe the personal payoff everyone would get when the project was completed

3) Didn't tell how each person's contributions to the project would be evaluated. And/or

4) Failed to generate a sense of urgency about the project, leading the team to think business as usual will be fine,"

Solution: "The project manager should start by calling the team together (being certain to include off-site staff via the best technology available) and delivering a presentation about the project and its significance in a way that gets everybody fired up."

Kshitij Yelkar

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