Monday, January 4, 2016

Agility @ Stove Repairer

Agility @ Stove Repairer

Hi Friends

Yesterday I went to repairer stove, as my mom needs it sometimes. When I visited the Stove repairer shop this was the same person who repairs the stove from a long time, I have given my stove to him to change Leather washer, he checked that issue whether existing Leather washer stuck inside or not and then he installed a new one.

I was exploring him and his work and his shop. He is a handicapped person his legs and hand are bent in some angle, but he manages his work wisely.

I asked him about how long you repair this stove, He said from 1980 he is into this business but nowadays stoves are less for repair as less client use the stove now days

Then I ask what you do now days then he said, I learned myself how to repair Fan, Mixer Grinder, Pressure Cookers and from a couple of years he is into that.

If you watch his shop carefully you will find all above mentioned things came for repair.

One thing I learned from this person that though he is not physically fit but he is able to manage his business with that he change himself to learn new technology as client requirements change, he learned all things by self R & D and serving to the client as per their need.

This clicks me, When in agile when we say change mindset, It is difficult for some people to change their mindset from waterfall to agile.

But by looking at this person, he changes himself as per client need as his client's need become his own need.

He can be one the motivator for those who don't need change.

After fixing Leather washer issue I think he wants to rush for home, but I asked can you check other issues of flame, then he said yes and he checked and fixed that also.

I purchase extra stove pins from him and ask for extra Leather washer, he suggested don't purchase the Leather washer as that gets damaged after sometimes, so purchase fresh whenever you required.

To test the stove flame, he warms his tea holder on to that flame and offer me that tea also.

After testing he make stove ready, I paid him his charges and left his store.

It was nice experience with this person, I linked some of the agile principles which he follows in his process
  • Changed himself as client requirement changes, Learned to repair Fan, Mixer Grider, Pressure Cookers etc. - Change to Agile Mindset /  Regular adaptation
  • Though he was getting late, He checked another issue of flame after my request, - Welcome changes, even late in development
  • Suggested not to purchase Leather washer as it gets damaged, purchase only when required - Simplicity.
  • Offer hot tea to the customer - Customer satisfaction
  • He repairs entire stove in front of us - Face to Face Conversion

Nowadays my eyes keep searching agile ways.

Kshitij Yelkar