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How to Powerless Your Painful Memories Quickly

How to Powerless Your Painful Memories Quickly

Painful memories in mind are always dangerous.

As an NLP Coach I help people to remove/powerless their painful memories and free them from their pain.

Removing painful memory from subconscious mind means we have to remove (VAK - Visual/Auditory/Kinesthetics) from this memory.
Here I am going to share one technique, you have to follow the steps as mentioned.

You should be seated on the chair of straight spine and shoulder and close the eyes.

Seat straight, Keep your spine and shoulder straight
Imagine any painful memory which is giving you problem when you remember the same.
That memory where you are present and that is colourful and in movie form.

See that memory on your mental screen.
Now imagine that from 4 feet distance there is bigger glass partition and behind that glass, there is wooden stool kept and, on that stool, there is bigger Television kept (Bigger screen).
and now take that painful memory from your mental screen to that bigger Television.  Watch on TV now.

See all colours, sound and running movie on that screen.
Now, imagine there is TV-Remote in your hand and you are reducing the voice of this movie from 10 to 0 and at last Mute icon will appear on the screen.
So now Start pressing (-) volume button 10...9...8...7...6...5..4..3...2..1...0.... Now there is a mute icon on the screen

(If you are not able to listen to any voice, then move ahead, if yes then reduce volume once again)
Now we have to change movie colour to black and white.
Now assumed that there is B/W button on your remote and when you press that TV screen will become Black and white.
So 1....2....3... Press Black/White button

(If you are able to see the movie in Black and white, then move next step else press a button once again till you get the movie in black and white)

Now in the movie, there is no sound, no colour ...
there is on moving running....and now we are going to pause this movie.
Assumed that there is a button called "Pause" on your remote and when I say press "Pause", then press this button.
Now 1....2....3... press "Pause" button
And now the movie is stopped and nothing is moving
( If a movie is running or pause If pause then move next else press pause button once again)

Now there will be an image with black and white colour and no sound.
Now we have to erase this image by washing this Television.
Assuming there is "Shower" Button on your Remote and once you press shower will start on screen.
Now when I say press button, keep pressing this button till the time entire screen become white. "Shower" button.... Keep pressing

Give shower on all screen, all four corners till the time it will become white.
Assuming that all water is coming down and touching your legs and going out...
Keep showering and make entire image white....
(If entire screen is white, if yes then move next, else keep showing till screen become white)

Now once the screen is white, assumed that there is one button called "Blast" on your remote and when you press that
it will blast the entire Television and it will go in the sky and it will be invisible....
So 1....2....3.... press "Blast" button .... and TV blast and went into the sky and now it is invisible...
(Can you see Television, If no move next else press Blast button once again).

Now on that wooden stool, keep one flowerpot and add your favourite flower into same and enjoy that flowers and your favourite music behind the same and enjoy the music and smell of this flower.
Also, see your favourite vacation and enjoy all beautiful memories of that vacation and enjoy that vacation....

Enjoy this feeling for next 10 Seconds....
and Now open your eyes.
Now what the intensity of this painful memory is now out of 1 to 10
If it is less than 5 then repeat this technique twice.
If it is less than 2-3 then repeat this technique once.

So, this was one of the NLP technique to remove painful memory. With this technique you can remove other painful memories if have more, also share this technique with family or friends and help them to free from painful memories.

Kshitij Yelkar
Certified NLP Trainer / Life Coach / Memory Trainer

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